QDRO Expert LOUISE NIXON introduces a new streamlined QDRO process with prices starting as low as $625 per QDRO

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Service Details
I Provide plan contact information. Compensation and/or Savings Plan(s) [hereinafter “Plan(s)”].
II A reasonable amount of conferencing (telephonic or in person), as may be necessary.
III Attorney shall seek pre approval from the Plan for qualification, if applicable, for the QDRO(s).
IV A reasonable amount of legal research, as may be necessary.
V A reasonable amount of redrafting, as may be necessary.
VI Obtain parties’ signatures for the QDRO(s).
VII File the QDRO(s) with the court.
VIII Submit the QDRO(s) to the Plan(s) for implementation.
IX 7 business days from the date information provided to prepare QDRO(s).
X Services include (1) Provide and assist with judgment language, if requested and applicable (2) Prepare required forms for military.
(Note the Thrift Savings Plan is handled under one of the other tiers.)

Additional Services

Joinder Pleading (California Only) Draft and serve Joinder of Employee Benefit Plan pleadings. Flat Fee: $200 per joinder pleading
Hourly Assistance (with retainer deposit depending on complexity of case)
Assist Client or Client’s attorney(s) in reviewing QDRO(s)
Assist Client or Client’s attorney(s) in reviewing, editing and/or drafting judgment language regarding the pension division for the judgment or other court order.
Assist with discovery in obtaining documents, via subpoena or otherwise, to obtain the information needed for Attorney to prepare the QDRO(s).
Assist Client and/or pension valuator retained to conduct any necessary pension valuations.
Assist Client and/or pension valuator retained to calculate an offset of one plan against other plan(s).
Appear in court, at mediation, at a deposition and/or providing expert testimony.