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QDRO Benefits Law Group Inc., a professional law corporation, is focused exclusively on the division of retirement benefits. Since 1994, the firm’s founder and president, Louise Nixon, has specialized as an attorney in determining the community or marital interest in pension benefits earned through employment and in consulting and/or drafting appropriate orders for the division and disposition of those interests.

QDRO Benefits Law Group Inc. handles all types of division orders (collectively referred to as “QDROs”), from domestic relations orders for private plans governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”), domestic relations orders for public or governmental plans, to IRC §408 Orders to divide Individual Retirement Accounts (“IRAs”). In a divorce action, QDRO Benefits Law Group Inc. may be retained to represent one party or as a joint and neutral expert for both parties. QDRO Benefits Law Group Inc. may also be retained to represent plans.

QDRO Benefits Law Group Inc. provides QDRO services for plans governed by federal law throughout the United States. The firm also provides QDRO services for plans governed by state law in California. This firm has staff and an attorney who are fluent in Spanish.

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Protecting Your Best Interests.

Legal Counsel

Provide QDRO legal counsel to one party or as a joint and neutral expert for both parties working with the individuals and/or their attorneys.

Retirement Assets

Prepare QDROs to divide retirement assets for all type of retirement benefits – private and public plans.


Negotiate provisions of QDROs with plan administrators and between the parties.

Submission & Approval

Submit QDROs to plan administrators for approval and qualification.


Review QDROs already prepared for compliance and fairness & Provide expert testimony on QDROs and ERISA issues.

Family Law Assistance

Assist family law attorneys with judgment and marital settlement agreement language as it relates to pension division.

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