QDRO Counsel and The Wall Street Journal

May 27, 2014 qdrobenlaw No comments exist

Recently Louise Nixon with QDRO Counsel Inc. was interviewed for The Wall Street Journal report “If Divorcing, Divide Investments With Care – Options Include a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, or QDRO, to Split a 401(k)”.

When it comes to negotiating a divorce, many couples give relatively little attention to retirement and investment accounts—seeing them as pots of money that can be simply split in two. That’s often a mistake.

Accounts and their contents require careful examination before a “fair” division can be determined. Various types of retirement accounts have their own rules on tax treatment and access to the money. Two investments, meanwhile, can appear to have identical value but turn out to have wildly different tax liabilities.

Here are three important points to consider when divvying up accounts…

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