Retirement Benefit Division Practice

Welcome to QDRO Benefits Law Group Inc. We are focused exclusively on the division of retirement benefits and service clients nationwide. Let us know how we can help you.

QDRO Benefits Law Group Inc. is currently not accepting new cases. For assistance with Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs), we encourage you to contact QDROCounsel directly.

Our firm's founder, Louise Nixon, is now referring QDRO matters to – a legal technology company specializing in retirement division. QDROCounsel offers an exceptional range of services at competitive prices, thanks to its legal support services and document drafting platform co-founded by QDRO and Valuation Experts, including Ms. Nixon.

QDROCounsel's comprehensive QDRO support services encompass not only drafting QDROs, but also joinder pleadings, divorce judgment language, and retirement valuations.

For assistance with QDROs and related support services, please reach out to QDROCounsel for a free consultation by email or phone (833-355-7376).